CIS Services |

Commercial & Residential Fire & Security Systems, Access Control Systems, Surveillance Systems and 24 Hour Monitoring

Complete Fire & Security Systems

CIS systems can range from a modest security system to an elaborate network of control sensors linked to a central control panel monitored by our central monitoring station.


Intrusion Detection

  • Door and window protection devices
  • Dual-Technology motion & glass break detection
  • Cellular and IP Monitoring (No phoneline required)
  • Full System control from your Smart Phone


Fire Alarm Detection

  • Design and Install Fully Compliant ADA Systems
  • U.L. Listed Central Station Monitoring
  • Annual & Semi-annual System Test & Inspections
  • Full System Repair & Maintenance

Access Control Systems

CIS designed access control systems can provide you with a range of applications which extend the benefits of the system. A CIS system can be designed to:


  • Control employee and visitor access.
  • Control and restrict access to parking areas.
  • Monitor time and attendance.

Surveillance Systems

A CIS audio/visual system extends the eyes and ears of operation and security personnel. CIS designed systems can speed the flow of communications within a facility and provide physical observations of entrances, parking areas and computer rooms. Depending on the need, a CIS system can include a closed circuit television system and audio communications with these features:


  • Remote control and remote viewing of video cameras.
  • Regular and Covert Cameras.
  • Digital video recording systems.
  • Remote viewing from any Smart Phone or PC.